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Welcome to BCAPL of Maryland
Tuesday, December 07 2021 @ 03:45 AM EST
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Signups open now for Winter 2022!

General News

 The time has come to start all the signups for the winter session. All current and new teams/players please update us on your team’s status for the winter session.

 Winter leagues to join!

  1. 8-Ball Team’s Wednesday traveling league. Starting January 5th
  2. 8-Ball Team’s Thursday traveling league. Starting January 6th


!!!!!!Last day to sign up is December 24th!!!!!!!


 Captain Meeting will be held at Henny Mack's on Sunday January 2nd at 12pm followed by the new player Orientation at 1pm

 If you have any questions or would like to sign up please email me at bcaplofmaryland@gmail.com or call 443-745-4959 Tim the League Operator

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2nd Bonus week for Session 3 of 2021!

General News

All Team Divisions, the past week was the 2nd of 2 weeks this session we will have a $25 prize up for grabs. The player in each of the divisions that shoots and has the biggest improvement above their current handicap will be the winner of the $25 prize. No Forfeits or Ghosts will count and you must shoot all 5 of the matches to be eligible for the prize. If your team is on a BYE then next week's stats will count for your team. All prizes are paid out at the completion of every session to your team captain! Due to Thursday having an even number of teams, the 2 players that have the biggest night will also receive $25. Good luck! The winner on Wednesday was Chris Casamento from Beerdom & Billiards. The winners on Thursday are as follows. Biggest Improvment winner is Michael Paugh from Better late than never. The two players with the biggest night possible on Thursday was William Davey from Boxcar Express and Phil Layman from Dead shots. Congratulaions winners!

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Welcome to BCAPL of MD!

General News

Welcome to BCAPL of Maryland! Maryland's fastest growing pool league!

We have the league you have always been looking for!!!



                                                         BCAPL of MARYLAND was established in 2010 and has more than Tripled in size since starting!!!

BCAPL of Maryland runs a level handicap system that is proven to be fair on all players. We have an extremely generous payout system that all players love. If you think your voice is never heard, then you have not seen us before. Every session we discuss with Captains and players any suggestions and issues to help to improve the league while keeping with changing times. Don’t understand how everything works then just come to a new player Orientation before every session so you can be confident you know how everything works on week 1. You don’t have to listen to us just go ask the players that play for BCAPL of Maryland and see for yourself how much fun they are having. If anybody is interested in having a good time out with fellow pool enthusiasts or a night of good competition please select the SIGN UP tab and fill out the form for your chance to go to Las Vegas and play in the BCAPL world pool tournament. Currently running 8-Ball teams on Wednesday and Thursday nights. The league has been growing due to BCAPL of Maryland giving the players what they want. We have several other options players have put some interest in which vary from 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Singles, Teams, Master's Leagues, Money Leagues, Vegas Leagues and a few other options. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for please still sign up with your request because you may be the final person we need to start another new Division!



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